Hologram Rental for Trade Shows

Dual Sided Trade Show Hologram

The standard sized hologram kiosk is specially designed to work in bright trade show environments. The dual sided display features "Ultra Bright Technology" which allows the hologram projection to be seen from great distances. The dual projection system allows you to project different presentations at the same time. A viewer on one side can see and hear the presentation they selected via the touch screen while a viewer on the opposite side can see and hear a separate presentation that they have selected.

Attract attention and draw visitors to your trade show booth with 3D holograms floating in mid air. Booth visitors see detailed animations of your products features and highlights. They can access the hologram presentation of their choice via an interactive touch sceen.

“The Hologram was a hit!"

Universal Instruments

Quick Facts about our Dual Sided Hologram :

  • Holo Kiosk can be branded with graphics to match your booth.
  • 3D Holo Presentation can be animated to show your product in operation.
  • Holographic projections are 15 in (40 cm) in height and 27 in (69 cm) wide.
  • Dual projection system allows viewers to watch separate presentions on each side at the same time.
  • Professional Voice Over narration is included.
  • Up to 9 separate 3D presentations available via on demand touch screen

The dual sided hologram display is designed to attract attention and engage trade show attendees.

Rent a hologram for a trade show"The hologram works perfectly. Lots of compliments starting with the CEO, President and VP." GATAN INC.

“I will gladly recommend you to other peers in my industry! " APTTUS

"Whew!  That was a great show and the tweet of ‘coolest display’ was awesome! I look forward to working with you again." S&G SOLUTIONS

“The hologram was a big hit. It was awesome. You and your people were great!" PEAXY

"The holographic animation was a success during the recent AAEP conference. The display attracted a good number of interested veterinarians to our booth and we had quite a few productive discussions." MOBIUS IMAGING

3D Holograms for Trade Shows
Trade Show Hologram

Client Review

Kristi Schilloff - Universal Instruments

Our hologram was a fantastic sales tool and added to our booth. The animations were top-notch and helped to bring mechanical and operational principles to life, making our complicated equipment easier to understand.