If you have CAD or 3d files of your product we can create animated presentations with them based on your script ideas.      
Our Hologram Projector operate with 110 volts. They can be easily adapted for use in 220 volt countries.
Yes. Custom displays are available for sale.
The pyramid projector can be easily setu up by you staff in minutes. The dual sided displays require more detailed setup. Our tech unpacks and sets up the display and then returns to dismantle it after your show.
Our dual sided hologram projectors allow you to display separate holograms on each side of the display at the same time without interferring with each other. Using our touch screen a viewer can select a hologram presentation on one side while another viewer on the other side can select, see and hear a totally different presentation on their side. Its like having two hologram projectors in the same floor space.
We create the holographic presentations for you as part of our service. These days most products are designed as 3D engineering files with programs like AutoCAD. If your company builds your product then you most likely already have all the files we need to create a 3D hologram of it. Our animation team bring your product models to life with, realistic texture and color in addition to detailed movement.
We encourage clients to start the process as soon as possible to ensure that we have a display available for their trade show dates. For rentals we prefer a 30 day window before their show to allow us enough time to create their 3D content and have it completed in time for them to preview it and suggest edits. For sales we require a 60 day window to build your custom display and create the 3D content.
Our hologram projector is our own unique design, specifically designed and built to over come problems associated with projecting holograms in bright lighting. "Ultra Bright Techology" ensures a bright hologram projection in bright trade show environments. Our dual sided projectors project the hologram at eye level so it can be seen by more people at once. Dual sided projectors which allow viewers to watch separate hologram presentations at the same time on each side. BOSE speakers are used crisp clear audio on each side without having to be loud and distracting in the booth.