Large Scale Hologram Projector for Theatre, Stage and Keynote presentation

Keynote / Stage Hologram Projector

This large scale holographic projection system offers clients the ability to make a powerful impact on their audience with holograms ranging from 8 ft high to 20 ft high. Our content creation team converts your 2D powerpoint presentation into 3D holographic projections to bring your keynote speech, sales presentation, press conference or special event to life. The audience sees keynote presentation as a giant holographic projection floating in mid air. No special AR glasses are needed.

Perfect for telepresence appearances.

“BRILLIANT! The most inspiring opening to any conference I have ever seen."

Barbara Corcoran from Tv's Shark Tank

Quick facts about the Keynote/Stage Hologram Projector:

  • Standard Projection is 8 ft high X 14 ft wide. ( larger version can be 20 ft tall )
  • 3D hologram projections play in sync to your Keynote speech.
  • Your 2D presentation media is converted to 3D by our animation team.
  • Show large 3D views of your product on stage.
  • Beam in a CEO or special guest via a telepresence hologram.
  • HD quality, full color projection.

The dual sided hologram display is designed to attract attention and engage trade show attendees.

Rent a hologram for a trade show"Partho, you did a fantastic job. There's no way you can top this. We just got a glimpse of the future." Dr. Harvey Feigenbaum.

“We are so very proud at Mount Sinai of Dr. Sengupta's first-of-its-kind, innovative holographic presentation! "Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD

"The holographic presentation at ASE was absolutely spectacular!" Patricia A. Pellikka, MD, FACC, FAHA, FASE

“Dr. Sengupta's presentation was nothing short of remarkable!" Neil J. Weissman, MD, FASE

"This new holographic presentation format is a true testimony to Mount Sinai and ASE's commitment to innovation." Dr. Sengupta of The Mount Sinai Medical Center

Large Holograms for Keynote and Stage Presentations
Corporate Keynote Hologram

Client Review


The Team team loved the opening of DIS. I thought this asset was a great way to showcase innovation at Merck. You did such a nice job delivering the historical message with state-of-the art technology.