Large Scale Hologram Projector for Trade Shows

Large Dual Sided Hologram Projector

The large dual sided hologram projector displays holographic images approximately 3 ft tall and 5 ft wide. When you really want to stand out, this display does it. The dual " Utlra Bright" projection system allows separate hologram projections to be played at the same time on opposite sides.

The animated holograms can be seen from great distances across the trade show floor attracting attention to your booth.

“your displays are incredible!"


Quick facts about the Large Hologram Display:

  • On demand touch screen allows you to select from 9 separate 3d hologram presentations.
  • Hologram projection is approx 3ft (9 m) X 5ft (1.5m) wide.
  • Demonstrates your product with detailed animations from our content creation team.
  • Works in bright trade show environments.
  • High visibility attracts attention to your booth.
  • HD quality, full color projection.

Stand out from the competition at trade shows with eye giant catching 3D Holograms.

Giant Hologram for Trade Shows
Large Trade Show Hologram

Client Review

Jeff Dowling - Missisauga Bus Group of Companies

We had a fantastic experience. We were looking to make a splash with a new product offering. There was a lot of buzz around our booth and the hologram was the biggest reason for it. From having displayed at this show for the past 15 years with a few different companies in different roles, I know this was the most traffic I had seen.