Museum Hologram Exhibit

Holographic Museum Exhbits

Hologram projectors prove popular with museum visitors. Interactive dual sided interactive holograms offer museum guests a modern, high tech and fun way to hear from historical figures or see museum displays in 3D Holographic form. The interative touch screen located on each side allow viewers to select the 3D presentation of their choice. Bring a static exhibit like a T-Rex to life with movement and sound. Keep guests interest with stunning visuals.

“your displays are incredible!"


Quick facts about the Museum Hologram:

  • Interactive touch screen allows on demand hologram chapter viewing.
  • Measures 22" W X 13" H X 16" D
  • Sets up in minutes.
  • Works in bright trade show environments.
  • Attracts attention to your booth.
  • HD quality projection.

Historical items or characters come to life in 3D.

Hologram Museum Exhibit
Holographic Museum Display

Rochester Museum & ScIence Center

Calvin Uzelmeier

"The kiosk is working great and everyone really loves it. Our crew that develop exhibits was very impressed with how good the effect is."