Holographic Virtual Presenter

Holographic Virtual Presenter

The life sized Hologram Projector can feature your product along with a life-size hologram of a spokesperson, CEO or fictional character. They greets visitors, tells them about your offerings and guides them to specific products within your trade show booth or retail location. They will even invite them to take selfies with them. A touch screen allows customers to interact directly with the holographic host. They can explain services and demonstrate products that “beam into” the projection chamber with them.

“Cool & Complelling"

Exhibitor Magazine

Quick facts about the Virtual Presenter:

  • Works in bright trade show or museum environments.
  • Interactive Touch Screen Control
  • Life Sized Character
  • High visibility.
  • Attracts attention to your booth.
  • HD quality projection.

Stand out from the competition at trade shows with eye catching 3D Hologram Projections.

Life Size Virtual Presenter
Life Sized Virtual Presenter

Kennedy Space Center

Therrin Protze

"When I saw the end result, it exceeded my expectations. To actually see the Apollo astronauts in almost real-life form really creates an intimate experience. That’s kind of cool. They’re memorialized forever."